Company Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties are all about the magic of the season right?  Whether you call it a Holiday Party or Christmas Party, you want to make sure that all your staff and their significant others are having a special experience. Having a close up magician can take that idea to higher levels that will make your Holiday Party one that is talked about long after the party closes for the night.

Winnipeg Magician Loren Findlay can mingle with your guests performing magic right before their eyes that will leave them in a state of disbelief.  This can happen moving table to table, or wandering from group to group as people are arriving.  In either case, people’s reactions can create a sense of anticipation for other groups or tables as they wonder then the magic will get to them.

Loren Findlay will combine magic and comedy in an interactive way that will lighten the mood and get people laughing.

See what Mike S. had to say.

I had the pleasure of watching Loren’s magic at my office Christmas party.  Great showmanship with some pretty amazing magic.  He kept everyone entertained and captivated.

Contact Loren now to see if what he provides can Guarantee your party is a success!

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