Walk Around Magic for Wine and Cheese or Cocktail Party

So what does a walk around magician do and why would you want one?

A walk around magician does just that, they walk around your event, performing close up magic for small groups for 5 to 7 minutes each.  This type of performance is incredibly flexible, as there is no special set up required, no stage, no trying to get everyone’s attention at once.  The magician works out of their pockets, performing with playing cards, coins or other small objects.  And best of all, this magic often happens right in their hands

This makes walk around magic perfect for your wine and cheese event, a cocktail party, or while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive.  Having a magician perform in this way can be a great ice-breaker; they can help bring your group closer together with the laughter and amazement they experience.  . By hiring Winnipeg Magician Loren Findlay you are helping guarantee that your guests will be having fun during their funny, interactive and amazing, close up magic experience.

See what the legal firm Myers-Weinberg LLP Barristers and Solicitors had to say:

We hired Loren to provide entertainment during a reception at our annual conference. Loren’s magic was unbelievable. Our guests could not stop talking about what a great experience they had with him and how much fun he added to the reception. Loren was professional and very easy to work with. We can highly recommend him to entertain with his magic at your event.

Contact Loren now to see if what he provides can help guarantee that your event is a success!!

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